Paper Roll Toys

Today’s little homemade toy is so easy and cheap to make, it almost feels like cheating when you see the level of fun your dogs will get out of it!


I first made these paper roll toys as a test run to see whether or not it was going to be worth buying our dogs Kong’s, which are obviously more durable, but useless if they are not going to be played with! The paper roll toys worked so well, and make for a great Sunday treat, especially for little dogs or puppies who have a weaker bite (bigger, stronger bite dogs will need a few more layers for a challange I would think!).

Construction is so easy a child could do it! All you are going to need is some wet dog food, a handful of dog biscuits, and a couple of paper rolls (e.g.toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, wrapping paper rolls), that’s it!

  1. Mix some wet food with a handful of dry biscuits
  2. Crush one end of the roll, leaving a couple of gaps for your dog to work their tongue into20150326_181536
  3. Fill the roll with the wet food and biscuits
  4. 20150326_181626Crush the other end, to make a little parcel
  5. If you want to make it more of a challange, you can slide another roll on the end and make multiple compartments.
  6. Toss to your pup and watch them enjoy it!20150326_181732

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