Curing Dog Anxiety

HOW I TURNED MY PREVIOUSLY ‘INSECURE-AGRESSIVE’ DOG INTO A PERFECT SOCIALITE  Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional dog trainer. I am a dog behaviour enthusiast and have done a lot of research, trying and testing into what works best for my dog’s particular case. I would recommend doing your own research to supplement […]

10 Tips for Heat Stroke Prevention in Dogs

If there is one thing every Australian knows to be true, is that for the better part of the year, it gets hot. Really hot. The heat and humidity is not in itself a bad thing. It does however add an extra element of consideration to daily dog walks, which are important for all owners who live in warm […]

10 times your love for your dog was hurting them

If you have found your way to this blog, chances are that you are an engaged dog owner who truly loves and cares for their furry companion. This post is absolutely not designed to pick at the faults and failures of everyday dog owners, but rather to bring to attention some of the trends that […]

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